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2019 Caritas Award Recipient & Keynote Speaker


Joy Smith

A leading advocate against human trafficking worldwide, and a champion of women’s rights.  Joy Smith’s faith in God is what motivates her. “I’ve always called upon God to give me direction on what to do.” She often references faith as what motivated her to do politics, and says that it was God’s calling for her to pursue politics to help human trafficking victims. “I’ve always done things according to where God has wanted me to be. I pray all the time.  My faith and my God are everything to me.”

TRAILER Human Trafficking: Canada’s Secret Shame from Joy Smith Foundation on Vimeo.

Joy Smith B.Ed, M.Ed, was a teacher for 23 years, a Member of the Manitoba Legislature from 1999-2003, and a Member of Parliament from 2004-2015.
She first became aware of human trafficking from her police officer son, Edward, who was working in the Integrated Child Exploitation Unit (ICE). Over the years she has helped many young victims who have been exploited or trafficked by their abusers.
In Parliament, Joy Smith made Canadian history as the first sitting MP to amend the Criminal Code twice, passing Bill C-268, mandatory minimum sentencing for trafficking of children 18 years and younger, and Bill C-310, which reaches Canadian law into other countries where Canadian citizens or permanent residents traffic or exploit others abroad. These laws provide an incentive for survivors to testify against their abusers, knowing that their perpetrators will be brought to justice under Canadian law. In addition, she wrote the prototype for the Canadian National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking. Joy Smith also took a leadership role in Bill C-36, making the purchase of sex illegal in Canada today and reducing the demand for human trafficking.
Joy Smith is known as a leading advocate against human trafficking worldwide, and a champion of women’s rights. She has received many awards, including the Woman of Distinction Award, the Wilberforce Award, The United Nations Recognition of Achievement Award, the My Canada Hero Award, the Winnipeg Police Commendation Award, and the Citizen of the Year Award.
In 2011, she founded the “Joy Smith Foundation”, where she tirelessly volunteers her time combatting human trafficking, and fighting for the rights of women in Canada and around the globe. The Joy Smith Foundation is a registered charity, which seeks to end human trafficking in Canada by raising awareness through education, and by providing funds to frontline organizations that rescue and rehabilitate victims of this heinous crime.

2019 Service Award Recipients

Carol Peloquin, snjm

After many years of teaching and being a foster mother for several Aboriginal girls at Meegwech House under the umbrella of Rossbrook House, Sr. Carol has dedicated the last 28 years of her life to prison ministry at Stony Mountain, Rockwood Institution, and the Future Hope organization that supports Released Offendersto reintegrate back into the community.

Sr. Carol Peloquin was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, spent her childhood on a farm in northern Minnesota and, at the death of her mother when she was thirteen, moved to Duluth, Minnesota, where she attended St. Jean’s parish school and met the Sisters of the Holy Names.

Photography, journalism and drama have remained important to her throughout her adult life.

She taught in the elementary grades and junior high for nine years before being missioned to St. Mary’s Academy where she taught English and religious studies, served on the school administration team, headed up the English and Religion departments, and involved herself in extracurricular activities such as drama and the student council

Sr. Carol asked to move to the Inner City in the 1980’s where, under the umbrella of Rossbrook House, she became a foster mom for young Aboriginal girls needing a temporary home.

In 1994, she became the R.C. Chaplain at Stony Mountain Prison until 2001, when she left the prison to start the Next Step Peer Support Group for Released Offenders. In 2008, Next Step and the Jesuits  collaborated in opening Quixote House, a drug-free residence for released offenders seeking support in their efforts to re-enter the community.

At present, Sr. Carol continues to be involved in prison ministry at Rockwood and is the admissions director at Quixote House.

Bo Gajda

He is a retired prison chaplain with over 16 years of experience within Manitoba federal medium & minimum security institutions. Bo seeks opportunities and situations that contribute to and support respect and dignity for all people and promote essential peace building efforts, and is currently involved with the Circles of Support & Accountability Winnipeg, Future Hope and the Manitoba Catholic Tri-diocesan Prison Ministry committee.

Mr. Bo Gajda has enjoyed an enriching and rewarding work history in rehabilitation services and church ministry sectors. He is a retired prison chaplain with over sixteen years experience within Manitoba federal medium and minimum security institutions. Flowing from professional experiences as well as personal convictions founded on a strong ethic of non-violence and restorative justice approaches , Mr. Gajda seeks opportunities and situations that contribute to and support respect and dignity for all people and promote essential peace building efforts.

In the community he continues to work with church and non-profit committees and groups with social and restorative justice missions.

Mr. Gajda has served on the advisory team for Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA), Winnipeg for over sixteen years and is a founding member of the national board of directors, CoSA Canada Inc. This is a program that accompanies individuals convicted of a sexual offense, released at the end of their sentence who typically have minimum community supports and are assessed to have high needs and to be at high risk to re-offend.

Regular, periodic escorting of offenders approved for temporary escorted passes to the Next Step peer support program keep him in touch with the lives of men serving time but preparing for their gradual release to the community. Next Step is a program for community release support administered by Future Hope Inc.

Other local committee work seeks to promote greater faith community voluntary support for reintegration initiatives in the successful return of offenders to society. This includes assisting on the board of Future Hope and the Manitoba Catholic Tri-diocesan Prison Ministry committee (past Chair).

Married with two adult children, Bo was blessed with his first grandchild this year.

Charity of Choice

Grants at the Catholic Foundation of Manitoba support a range of charitable organizations that care for the needy and underprivileged, educate youth, and promote Catholic values within the province of Manitoba. Each year, the Foundation will choose one organization as the Charity of Choice to create awareness to the important work they perform.  A grant will be presented to them at the Dinner.

Charity of Choice 2019 – Future Hope. Future Hope is dedicated to helping male ex-offenders rebuild their lives, one step at a time, in their transition from prison and parole to “normal life” back in the community.

There will be a 40/30/30 style draw at the Dinner.  The proceeds will be disbursed to the draw winner, Charity of Choice and the Joy Smith Foundation.

Link to Future Hope website

Link to Joy Smith Foundation website

About the Dinner

Caritas – the love of God and neighbour which leads to true Christian charity, care and concern. The annual Caritas Award Dinner honours those who have made outstanding contributions towards others and the fabric of life in Manitoba.

The Foundation held the inaugural Caritas Award Dinner in 1979 to honour organizations or individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the well-being of the citizens of the Province of Manitoba, to the Catholic community, or provided exceptional service in support of Catholic values, works and causes. Past recipients include bishops, religious orders, laypersons and other clergy, service organizations and outstanding community leaders.

For the first six years of the Dinner, the proceeds helped to build up the value of the general Capital Fund. Since then, the proceeds of the Caritas Dinner have been used to offset the modest operating costs of the Foundation in order to maximize funds available for grants.

In the course of honouring organizations and individuals who have been exemplars of caring leadership and service in all of Manitoba, the Caritas Dinner has become a time of celebration for Catholics from all dioceses. In so doing, the dinner has become the preeminent celebration of the broader Catholic community in Manitoba.

Caritas Awards Sponsorship Program

Sponsor the Caritas Award Dinner

 The Caritas Award Dinner attendance has averaged 650-750 persons in past years. They represent people and communities of varied walks of life and interests who are united by their desire to foster Catholic values and community improvement for the sake of all Manitobans.

The Dinner provides an excellent opportunity for individuals and corporations to support the Catholic Foundation of Manitoba’s mission through the Caritas Award Dinner sponsorship program outlined on the following page.

PLATINUM SPONSOR        $5,000.00

  • 10 tickets to dinner
  • VIP entrance into banquet
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BRONZE SPONSOR                $   500.00

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TABLE SPONSOR                    $1,100.00

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Past Recipients

Year Caritas Award Recipient
2018 The Catholic Health Association of Manitoba
2017 Conrad Wyrzykowski
2016 Service of all consecrated men in Manitoba
2015 Service of all consecrated women in Manitoba
2014 Actionmarguerite, Holy Family Home, and St. Joseph’s Residence
2013 Honouring the memory of the blessed Nykyta Budka & 100 years of Ukrainian Catholic Church in Manitoba
2012 The Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions
2011 St. Amant
2010 Most Reverend James Weisgerber Ph.L., S.T.L., D.D Archbishop of Winnipeg
2009 L’Arche Winnipeg
2008 Marymound Inc. and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd
2007 Catholic Schools of Manitoba
2006 The Knights of Columbus of Manitoba
2005 Dr. Jaroslaw Barwinsky
2004 The Missionary Oblate Sisters of St. Boniface
2003 The Northern Bishops:
Archbishop Peter Sutton and Bishop Reynald Rouleau
2002 Rossbrook House
2001 Leo Mol
2000 Missionaries of Charity Sisters of Winnipeg
1999 The Misericordia Sisters
1998 Archbishop Leonard J. Wall
1997 Pauline Dyrkacz,
Céline Houde;
Patricia Soenen,
Madeline Spence;
Elizabeth Willcock, C.M.
1996 Son Excellence Monseigneur Antoine Hacault
1995 Joseph C. Stangl
1994 Sisters of St. Benedict
1993 The Society of Mary (the Marianists)
1992 Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate (Ukrainian Order)
1991 The Catholic Women’s League of Canada,
Manitoba Provincial Council;
La Ligue féminine catholique du Manitoba;
The Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada,
Winnipeg Archeparchy
1990 Roland Couture;
Arthur V. Mauro;
John J. Nowosad
1989 The Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus and Mary
1988 The Manitoba Clergy of the Ukrainian Catholic Church
The Redemptorist Fathers;
The Order of St. Basil-the-Great;
The Secular Priests
1987 The Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
1986 The Oblates of Mary Immaculate
1985 The Grey Nuns of Manitoba
1984 Honourable F.L. “Bud” Jobin Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba
1983 His Eminence George B. Cardinal Flahiff
1982 His Grace Archbishop Maxim Hermaniuk
1981 Edwin Cass, Joseph Donovan, William English
1980 Son Excellence Monseigneur Maurice Baudoux
1979 His Grace Archbishop Philip F. Pocock


Year Service Award Recipient
2018 André Blondeau                                                                                       .


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