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The Caritas Award Honouree – Janelle Delorme & Norma McDonald

Janelle Delorme(elle/she/her) is a francophone Red River Métis activist and drum carrier.  As a KAIROS Blanket Exercise facilitator since 2015, she educates people about the impact of colonization on Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. In June 2021, she organized the placing of 215 ribbons on the walkway at the St. Boniface Cathedral after the first announcements of unmarked graves in Kamloops at a residential school site. Janelle is a popular education specialist and believes that mindsets change through education.

Janelle is a sought-out speaker and workshop facilitator on “reconciliation”, has written many articles, and is the host of the French podcast “Chronique RéconciliACTION” on Envol 91.1FM. She was recently recognized for her work as one of 4 recipients of the 2022 Champion of Indigenous Education award.

Sister Norma is a long-time educator who is known for her quality of leadership that inspires youth to engage in faith-related activities, social justice and reconciliation in Canada and abroad. She started the reconciliACTION project at Université de Saint-Boniface in 2011. Norma has been on a mission to increase people's awareness about the socio-cultural and political issues, past and present, resulting from the Indian Act, particularly the repercussions of the Residential School System. Her greatest wish is to forge relationships between Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals to promote healing and reconciliation. Sr. Norma, although retired from the University, is still deeply involved with Returning to Spirit and the path to reconciliation.


Service Award Honourees –Archbishop Murray Chatlain

Murray Chatlain is the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Keewatin-Le Pas since 2012. He has been a member of the Canadian Catholic Aboriginal Council of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops for the past 6 years and for several years co-chaired the Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle, a Catholic coalition of Indigenous people, bishops, clergy, lay movements and institutes of consecrated life, engaged in renewing and fostering relationships between the Catholic Church and Indigenous Peoples in Canada.  Bishop Murray who speaks Dene fluently is committed to the truth and reconciliation journey and has been involved on many panels and has been a keynote speaker on several occasions on the subject of Truth and Reconciliation. 

Charity of Choice  – Returning to Spirit.

Located in the center of Canada on Treaty 1 territory, Returning to Spirit is an Indigenous-led non-profit organization governed by a Board that has an equal number of Indigenous and non-Indigenous members. Together, with a valued team of experienced trainers and passionate partners, they have been delivering experiential reconciliation workshops since 2001.


The Caritas Award Honouree – Sara Riel Inc.

Sara Riel Inc. provides community-based support to persons who experience issues with mental illness or mental health challenges including substance use, disorders and addictions.  This charitable organization was founded by the Grey Nuns in 1977 and Sister Jean Ell, sgm was ED for its first 20 years of operation.  Sara Riel is known as a best practice in supporting individuals with mental health issues.  Its current ED, Tara Brousseau Snider has years of experience and was also ED of the Mood Disorders Association of MB for over a decade.  This Catholic organization is one of the Réseau Compassion Network’s communities of service.


Service Award Honourees – Sharon Blady

She is the founder of Speak Up: Mental Health Advocate and a former minister of health for Manitoba.  She was the NDP MLA for Kirkfild Park in Winnipeg.  Prior to her time in office, she taught in nursing, social work and Native studies at the U of M.  She is passionate about using her lived experience of mood disorders as part of a vision for growing peer support for increased mental health and well-being.  She is a suicide survivor, a published author, entrepreneur and public speaker.

Charity of Choice – Hospitality House Refugee Ministry.

Artbeat Studio is charitable organization; a mental health consumer initiated, peer directed, and recovery-oriented program.  This community-based studio accommodates artists whose mental health, social connection, and income make it impracticable for them, individually, to acquire a workspace where they might advance their artistic techniques safely and securely.  The artists are supported and mentored in managing their own workplace, production, and marketing within the operating parameters of the studio.


The Caritas Award Honouree – Centre Flavie-Laurent Inc

Centre Flavie-Laurent distributes at no cost, furniture, household items and clothing to people in need. They sort, store and distribute the goods and the clothing received from donors to help the impoverished in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba. The strength and mission of the Centre’s work is shown by the service provided to the needy and the concern for the needs and the fate of the poor. Its credibility is rooted in its rich heritage and its founders – the Grey Nuns.


Service Award Honourees – Karin Gordon and Tom Denton

Karin Gordon.  A former radiation technician, she has been involved in helping refugees since 1979 and is the house mom at the ministry’s reception centre, a Scotia neighbourhood six-bedroom home as well as 10-bedroom home at 364 Leila. She’s in charge of resettlement, helping refugees find the best thrift shops, taking them to doctor’s appointments and the like. She has been the one called by Canadian Customs border agents when refugee claimants have managed to walk into Canada. She has personally taken some of them in, fed them, clothed them and assisted them as they apply for formal refugee status.


Tom Denton.   Tom came to Winnipeg almost 50 years ago from the Bar of Alberta, where he was a practicing lawyer, to join a large business enterprise where he served in law and management capacities.  In 1980, he was the founding publisher of the Winnipeg Sun newspaper. He was executive director of Winnipeg’s then settlement agency, the International Centre from 1984 to 2000, and of Hospitality House Refugee Ministry since 2006. In 2016 alone, Hospitality House landed in Canada over 1,100 refugees it had sponsored. Tom has served on many public and volunteer boards and was the first chair of the Manitoba Immigration Council and of the Winnipeg Arts Council.  His involvement with immigration and its issues, on which he consults, speaks and writes frequently, extends over 37 years.  He is a Member of the Order of Manitoba as well as Member of the Order of Canada.


Charity of Choice – Hospitality House Refugee Ministry.

Hospitality House Refugee Ministry is a non-profit organization, and has for many years been Winnipeg's leading sponsor of refugees. Thousands have been sponsored from appalling refugee circumstances, into new hope and productive lives in Canada.

They continue to flood into our city, and while caring families look after many, others must look to the support of Hospitality House to survive their first year here.